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I may not get a chance to post tomorrow, so here's an early second instalment of Kew Gardens:

Title: Kew Gardens, the Untold Story, part 2. The Home Series.
Author: [livejournal.com profile] drachenmina
Word Count: 100 x 4
Rating: G
Snarry100 Challenge:#76 Home
Characters: Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom
For [livejournal.com profile] gin_tonic


Longbottom burst into the greenhouse explosively, shouting “Let me through, I’m a herbologist!” which at least had the effect of distracting Draco from his painful and imminently fatal situation.

Was he running up to get a better view? Draco could hardly blame him for that, after all he’d done to the poor bastard while they were at school. Which rather paled beside the whole Death Eater thing, in any case.

And Longbottom, of all people, had no reason to want to help a Death Eater.

Yes, definitely here for the view, thought Draco as he felt his left shoe dissolving.


“Malfoy! Hold on!”

Longbottom had grabbed a large canister hanging on the wall and started spraying whatever was in it in Draco’s general direction. Draco sneezed, convulsively, and the plant abruptly vomited him out onto the greenhouse floor. He sat there at Longbottom’s feet, with his clothes in tatters around him, still sneezing.

“Er, sorry about that Malfoy, I had to use pepper spray.” Longbottom didn’t seem to know quite where to look.

Draco gazed in disbelief at the man who had just saved his life and who now apparently felt the need to apologize for giving him the sniffles.


A short while later, Draco found himself sitting bemused while Neville gave a spirited dissertation on Dangerous Plants I Have Cultivated. He was swaddled cosily in Neville’s enveloping cloak – that wretched plant’s vile digestive acids had ruined his clothes. Neville was looking rather more…defined, these days, Draco thought. Broad-shouldered. Tall. Very – manly, somehow.

He sipped his mug of strong, sweet milky tea. Mother would be horrified, he thought – she had raised him to despise anything less refined than Earl Grey with lemon.

Neville liked his tea like that.

Draco rather thought that he could easily learn to like it too.


Neville hoped he wasn’t making too much of an arse of himself. He knew he was babbling on and on about herbology, but Draco was just looking so adorable sitting there wrapped up in Neville’s cloak and he worried that if he stopped talking, Draco would make some snide remark and leave.

OK, so he’d helped the man out of a spot of bother in the greenhouse, but it wasn’t like he’d been a hero or anything.

I’m probably boring the pants off him, Neville thought ruefully. Then he blushed. Except right now, he isn’t wearing any pants, is he?


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