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I just had another story accepted by those lovely, lovely people at Torquere!

It's to go in their Sips line, and is a short story about a boy hitchhiking up to Glasgow. The working title was Deep Fried Mars Bar, although sad to say, there was no confectionary-related kink... ;P

Not a clue when it'll come out - I only got the email a minute ago. Will keep you posted!

*dances around house*
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Mm. I have not posted re my progress on Camwolf lately, have I? And yep, you guessed it, that is because there hasn't been any.

I have been bitten by the short-story bunny, and a nasty, nippy little thing it is too. So now we are three:
Deep Fried Mars Bar!fic (5k, finished, subject to any changes I may make)
Werecat!fic (3k, far from finished, but promising)
and Rentboy!fic (7k, much closer to finished, but hmmmmmm....)

Oh! and an author name: JL Merrow. Which will be sadly pointless if I never manage to sell anything...
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Didn't really feel I'd done much on it today, but as I'm now over 9k it seems I must have. Have done the flashback to Nick's turning, and made an important decision about werewolves in my 'verse which - yay! - will make my life easier. Also I have jotted down a fair bit of dialogue, which usually helps.

And now I am feeling somewhat bleary. This is probably time to do a bit of research I have been putting off.

And ooh! I have just remembered a scene that came to me earlier today *dashes off to write*
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Hm. Well, this morning I was dispirited, but I have spent the day getting to know Julian a bit better and I think I'm starting to understand him. All I needed was to get him to talk!

One thing I am not so sure about is introducing a 2nd POV character, which is Julian's BFF Tiff. This means inevitably giving her a rather bigger role than I had planned. I really don't want to use Julian's POV, but we weren't seeing enough of him with just Nick's POV.

7k now, but there is at least one scene which will have to be cut or at least radically rehashed.


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