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I am practically bouncing off the walls with excitement, because Sindustry Vol 1 is now available to buy from Dreamspinner Press in either e-book or print version! Yep, someone actually thought my story was worth cutting down a tree for! *feels guilty about the poor tree*

It's a fantastic anthology containing stories by several well-established m/m authors including (among others) Clare London, Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban and Bethany Brown. And one or two names you may not have seen so often, such as my fishy alter-ego JL Merrow... *g* Lenore Black is a new author to me, but I particularly enjoyed her story Fun and Games about a computer geek and a rentboy.

And rentboys and other male sex workers is what this anthology is all about - so what's not to like? ;D

Oh, and while my story is most emphatically not a file-off-the-serial-numbers version of a fanfic - that's always struck me as a rather joyless task, sort of like writing only without the fun bit, for me at any rate - anyone who's enjoyed my AU Snarries may just possibly find something to like in my story! ;D

Here's a snippet from As Beauty Does )

ETA: By the way, in an attempt to avoid me continually boring you all with non-fandom stuff, the scaly one has her own LJ here - feel free to friend me over there if you'd like to keep up with my original writing! :D
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Only ten more days of voting in the New Library Awards! So go on, make your views count! ;D

And before you click on the linky to vote, take a mo to admire my lovely shiny banners:


*pets the precioussss bannersssss*
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I think it's about time I did some pimping, instead of just spamming you with Snarry (yesterday's was the last completed one I had, so you'll be safe for a while now! *g*).

If you're in the mood for a tasty little Snack or two, why not head on over to [livejournal.com profile] esmestrella's journal, where there are a couple of very juicy morsels, most inappropriately titled The Failure of the Snack. Both are set during Sirius and Severus' schooldays, and have an absolutely fantastic Sirius voice and some great one-liners:

wanking over Sirius Black? Stabling and feed for four horses, please; party name, Apocalypse

And if that's whetted your appetite for all things Sirius, why not go join brand spanking new comm on IJ sirius_lovers?

Go on, you know you want to... *g*


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